Kevin Leeseberg


Kevin Leeseberg

Kevin Leeseberg


Starting with manual design of everyday objects, drafting patterns and templates on the computer has become common practice. As a result, my work covers a broad spectrum. Whether I use a graphite or charcoal pencil, work with vectors or pixels, my designs can be both analog and digital. I love to try out new things and discover the effect of different forms of expression.


Do you have a special request? Take a look around. You might already find something that exactly meets your needs.

My résumé informs you about my work history and diverse interests. I also offer classes of all kinds. Take a look around – I look forward to hearing from you.

I have been active in art and design for many years, from their history through to contemporary developments. Inspired by both popular and unknown artists and designers, I began to develop creatively. I love to mix different styles and techniques in my work.


I would love to welcome you to a small private gallery opening.

I offer workshops in various artistic areas.

Many people find designing with a mouse and graphics tablet difficult at first. I will show you the various methods for creating art on your computer. You will gain familiarity with the unlimited possibilities for expressing your creativity on a PC. Use the contact form to find out more.

I offer workshops in various artistic areas. You can attend my workshops for a small fee to cover the costs. All the necessary working materials are included in the price.

As someone who is passionate about art and design, I have learned a lot over the years. I continued to receive training for a long time, worked with many different teachers, and still have not stopped perfecting my work to this very day.


Read my résumé to find out how I developed as an artist and designer:


  • 1982: Start of my training with books about Picasso and other artists
  • 1983: My first steps in a drawing course
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